Pack Heavy → Chase Light

These bags were designed for the moments before the moment. They’re for packing up your most valuable gear. For keeping it safe in the overhead compartment and the back of the Uber. For racing the sun up the mountain. Huffing, puffing. They’re designed for easy access, to be invisible, so you can fumble less and create more. When you’re chasing experiences over things, you just need to make sure you’re ready for the moment. Keep your hands steady, camera poised and don't let a story pass your lens without a *click*.

Our field testers

Without our field testers we'd never be able to make award-winning products loved by the creative community. Our catalog of talented friends, ambassadors and incredible creatives are always happy to put our products to the test when combing the world in search of their next great story.

The Series: Pack Heavy → Chase Light

As a creative you have a spark that ignites when you find inspiration. You’ll turn any stone, interview whoever it takes, shoot with a cast of thousands and travel the world to create your most honest and truthful piece of work. No two people see the world the same so the outputs we create as photographers, filmers, writers and artists are all uniquely brilliant. The stories you weave, the angles that attract you, the perspectives you choose can never be replicated exactly. That’s what makes it so addictive.

Introducing a new documentary series from Sam Moody: Pack Heavy → Chase Light.

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