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Db is growing, fast - 5x in the next four years - fast. Undergoing this level of growth is pushing our company to evolve and develop a strong team with high-output individuals, across every level of our company. This is why we need you!

Db is a community brand. We've grown from our digital presence and continue to take that forward as we move into new chapters. We use digital & physical across our B2B offering to ensure that we hit all growth points & consumers, in tandem with our own website.

Scandinavia is our home market, with a substantial amount of retail doors & large web audience. In 2022 & beyond, we will continue our push for international expansion. We have a global presence but are looking to take this to the next level and become a truly global brand.

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Sr. Acquisition Marketing Manager

The Acquisition Marketing Manager Manager is a key role in the Commercial department working daily with E-commerce and Marketing. You will contribute to all facets of the sales-marketing process and be in charge of the lead generation of digital marketing and conversion to sales.

CSR & Material Specialist

The CSR & Material Coordinator is responsible for project management and reporting across the social and environmental dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility at Db, working across all business areas and close collaboration with the CHRO and the Head of CSR. Most of our footprint lies within our supply chain, and this is where our improvement initiatives will be focused. Therefore, this role is also in charge of material development and sourcing striving to find the most sustainable solutions.

Project & Product Manager

The Project & Product Manager is a key role in the Design & Development (D&D) department working daily with the Design & Development, CSR, Marketing and Commercial teams. You will contribute to all facets of the product design and development process and be in charge of the go-to-market process.